The startup in crisis intervention and prevention

A strong foundation

Light-Shield is a startup company from Oldenburg, northern Germany, specialising in crisis intervention and prevention.

  • We support people in crises.
  • We give support.
  • For all.

By crises we mean global and worldwide situations such as the current corona epidemic, environmental and humanitarian disasters, but also personal and individual crises such as burnout, depression, etc.

Therefore we have two pillars on which we build our foundation:

1. the fast and efficient procurement and delivery of equipment in global and national crises. We are currently building up an international network of companies, suppliers and logisticians in order to be able to react quickly in case of a crisis.

2. in order to be able to help people individually in crisis situations, we are building a digital platform for the mediation and coordination of offers of help, such as access to health experts and consultants, as well as coaches and trainers, in order to maintain the health of those affected in the crisis and afterwards.

The people behind Light-Shield

The founding team

Joram Höfs

Managing Director

Alexander Bunje

Health Director